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Archive for April, 2018

Neck Lift Surgery Takes Care of Excess Fat, Drooping Skin, and Loose Muscles

Published on April 26, 2018

Having a swan-like and graceful neck is often considered a sign of great beauty in many cultures. But what do we do when our neck looks less like a swan’s and more like a turkey wattle? If you’re experiencing this

Neck Liposuction — Toronto Surgical Fat Removal

Published on April 18, 2018
neck liposuction

Neck liposuction is rapidly gaining momentum as one of the most prominent procedures in the facial plastic surgery industry throughout Canada and abroad. Sometimes, excess fatty deposits can gather in the neck and chin area, giving the appearance that patients

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Simple Juvederm Voluma Injections Can Make a Major Difference

Published on April 16, 2018

In today’s world, we have seen a major increase in the number of cosmetic procedures being performed. Dermal fillers are among the most popular cosmetic procedures for correcting signs of aging. There are several types of dermal fillers available, and

Blepharoplasty — Eyelid Lift Surgery in Toronto

Published on April 11, 2018
eyelid lift surgery in Toronto

The old adage “the eyes are the windows into the soul” is a poignant depiction of just how much you can communicate with a simple facial expression. However, when those windows are draped with sagging eyelids, fine lines, wrinkles, and

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