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Lesion Removal Toronto

Moles and lesions on the face can sometimes be unattractive and a cause for unhappiness in many people.

The majority of these marks are benign, but skin cancers and tumours under the skin can also be found. It is very important to consult to have any new growth or any old mark that has grown or changed checked by a medical professional.

Most moles and marks can be easily removed surgically under local anaesthesia. The more common methods of doing this are through a simple excision or through a shave excision.

A surgical excision entails removing the lesion with a segment of the surrounding tissue and then bringing the edges together to create a linear scar. The idea being that the scar will look better and be less evident than the lesion that is excised. Dr. Gantous will always try to place the incisions in favourable areas of the face where the scar will be as camouflaged as possible.

A shave excision is when the mole or lesion is shaved flush with the skin. This can be done with raised moles and lesions of certain kind that are not growing from the deeper levels of the skin.

Dermabrasion and laser excision can sometimes be used for this purpose as well.

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