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Archive for August, 2018

Combining Chin and Nose Surgery in Toronto

Published on August 22, 2018
Chin and Nose Surgery

Achieving perfect facial symmetry isn’t as unattainable as some facial plastic surgery patients might think. If you’re unhappy with the appearance and functionality of some of your facial features, then it’s important that you understand not only how they work

Mini Facelift vs. Full Facelift: Which One Is Right for You?

Published on August 15, 2018

The purpose of a facelift is to tighten the issues under the skin, reduce the look of wrinkles, and make you look and feel radiant and younger than you are. Taking years off the look of your face no longer

Enjoying the Benefits of an Endoscopic Forehead Lift

Published on August 3, 2018

An endoscopic forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure in which the position of the eyebrows and the forehead are lifted, giving the face a more youthful appearance. Endoscopic forehead lifts are known to yield excellent results and are a relatively

Facial Asymmetry Correction Surgery in Toronto

Published on August 1, 2018
facial asymmetry correction

Facial asymmetry is a common phenomenon that most people are afflicted with, and although it’s not an urgent medical issue, it can certainly make people feel very self-conscious about their appearance. While both sides of the face aren’t always in

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