Achieving perfect facial symmetry isn’t as unattainable as some facial plastic surgery patients might think. If you’re unhappy with the appearance and functionality of some of your facial features, then it’s important that you understand not only how they work as separate entities, but also in relation to one another. For instance, your nose and chin are located in extremely close proximity to one another and structurally speaking, there’s a reason for that. But, did you know that augmenting one can also sometimes cause the other to look disproportionate by comparison? As a result, many experienced facial plastic surgeons are now recommending that their patients opt for chin and nose surgery simultaneously rather than undergoing separate procedures.

What’s the Relation Between My Nose and My Chin?

Outwardly, it appears as if the nose and chin are two separate entities that are completely unrelated to one another. But when it comes to facial balance and symmetry, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Combined, these two components of your facial structure can actually affect not only how people view your profile but also how you view yourself. No matter how hard you try, you might never be able to see your face from every possible angle; it’s just not possible. Other people have the ability to view your entire profile depending on how they’re looking at you and from where. An undefined chin or a nose that’s too wide, long, short, or thin can throw your entire facial symmetry off balance.

Benefits of Combining Rhinoplasty and Genioplasty

Combining these two procedures has numerous benefits, starting with the most important and obvious one: it saves you a great deal of time and money. Rather than having to schedule two separate appointments for every step of the process—this includes two preliminary consultations, two procedures, and two follow-up appointments—you can get everything done for both procedures at exactly the same time. This will save you a significant amount of money on anesthesia and transportation costs going to and from your appointments. It also means that you won’t have to take as much time off of work and you can save your vacation days for when you really need them. Additionally, you’ll only have to endure one recovery period. Here are some other merits of undergoing rhinoplasty and genioplasty at the same time:

  • Achieve overall facial balance
  • Enhanced facial structure and appearance
  • Two procedures, one recovery period
  • Long lasting results
  • Cost- and time-effective

Is This Combination Right for You? Consult a Facial Plastic Surgeon Today!

The most effective way to determine whether a combination of rhinoplasty and genioplasty is the right solution for you is to consult an experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Andres Gantous at Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery. During the initial consultation, he’ll examine your existing facial features, listen carefully to all of your questions and concerns, gain a complete understanding of what you’re hoping to achieve with facial plastic surgery, explain all of your options to you thoroughly, and then show you through digital imaging what your projected results will most likely look like. To schedule a consultation at our clinic or learn more about these procedures, please feel free to contact us today!