The new year is finally upon us and it’s time to start putting your best face forward – literally! Skin rejuvenation is a practice that’s been around for many decades and the technology for these procedures is only getting better with time. Now you can have the beautiful, youthful, and blemish-free skin you’ve always wanted for a very affordable price without having to experience any inconvenience. All it takes is a simple, brief skin contouring procedure to help you take years off the look of your face.

From smoothing out wrinkles and removing excess skin to correcting jowls and marionette lines, the possibilities are endless! Even if you’re in your 20s and want to take preventative measures to protect your skin, the right facial rejuvenation procedures can help you achieve that and so much more.

What Is Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation is a process to help restore the natural youthful glow and beauty to your face. Whether you want to eliminate laugh lines, fine lines, wrinkles, or get a neck or facelift, Dr. Gantous at Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery can help you achieve the look you crave.

First, he’ll schedule a one-on-one consultation with you to examine your skin in its current condition. Then, he’ll present you with all of your facial rejuvenation options based on your personal assessment.

There are a number of facial rejuvenation procedures that can be used to improve your appearance and help restore your self-confidence. Many of them are quick, simple, painless, and minimally invasive procedures that can be completed on an outpatient basis in Dr. Gantous’s downtown Toronto clinic. Recovery times are also minimal and you’ll be provided with all of the information you need regarding aftercare and recovery time.

All of your questions and concerns will be addressed prior to the procedure so that you can go into it with absolute clarity and peace of mind.

Why Does Your Skin Need to Be Rejuvenated?

With the holiday season in our rear-view mirrors, the new year is a time of personal reflection, making resolutions for self care and sticking to them. Part of that means taking excellent care of your skin and taking the time to show yourself some love. Winter can be especially harsh on the skin. The cold, dry conditions dehydrate your skin leaving it dry, cracked, and haggard-looking. Since your face and neck are at the highest risk of being directly exposed to the elements, it’s important to do everything you can to protect them.

While moisturizing and drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated is a great place to start, it’s simply not enough. Skin rejuvenation treatments don’t just protect your skin from the damages it incurs during the winter months, it also reverses those damages to make you look and feel younger.

Some people might even exhibit premature signs of aging, especially if they don’t take good care of their skin. It’s important to have a stringent skincare routine in place facial rejuvenation should be a part of that.

There are a few facial rejuvenation procedures that you can have done either independently or in combination with one another to help restore your face to its former glory and prepare it for the summer months.

Eyes and Forehead

Certain parts of the face like around the eyes and the forehead tend to get wrinkled more than others. There’s actually some truth to the old adage, “your face will get stuck like that”. Over time, certain facial expressions can prematurely age you. Thankfully, advances in facial plastic surgery have made it possible for you to do something about this. To eliminate crows’ feet, fine lines, excess skin, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes, you can undergo either a lower or upper blepharoplasty. Some people combine both treatments in one session. Forehead treatments like Botox or Xeomin are also popular in conjunction with eye treatments to help even and smooth out the look of wrinkles on your face.

Nose and Lips

If your end goal is to create perfect facial symmetry, then a simple rhinoplasty procedure combined with lip injections could be the perfect solution for you. Thanks to a certain famous reality show family, big lips are very much in vogue right now. A lot of people tend to re-contour their noses alongside adding volume to their lips to perfectly achieve the look they want. As always, Dr. Gantous will consult with you beforehand and take the time to examine your facial features, recommend some changes that need to be made, and thoroughly explain the procedural process involved. He’ll also provide you with a specific set of aftercare and recovery instructions if you choose to go through with it.

Neck and Décolleté Area

Women tend to show their age more in the neck and décolleté area than men do. It’s just a simple biological fact. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be corrected. A neck lift is an uncomplicated procedure in which Dr. Gantous will create a small incision on the side of the neck, remove excess fat cells and manipulate the remaining tissue to create a smoother and cohesive look for you. The purpose of this procedure is to remove sagging skin and tighten up the skin under the neck to make you look younger and more radiant.

Cheeks and Chin

Another facial cosmetic combination that can create a more unified and youthful look is re-contouring the cheeks and chin. Whether your goal is to add volume and eliminate a sunken appearance or to remove excess skin and fat cells, cheek and chin augmentation procedures are the right answer.

Dr. Gantous at Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery has over 20 years of experience working in the field and is one of the most renowned facial plastic surgeons in the industry. He revolutionized the use of incisionless procedures and has given countless talks at facial plastic surgery conferences around the world about the subject. Book your preliminary consultation with him today to learn more about how you can rejuvenate your face in 2019!