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Neck Lift Toronto

Many patients are concerned by loose skin under their chin, sagging skin on their neck, or a double chin that drives them crazy. Although some concerns can be addressed most effectively through a face-lift, some people are interested in correcting neck problems directly. This is why Dr. Gantous offers submentoplasty, or a neck lift operation that specifically addresses these concerns. He usually performs one of two procedures (or sometimes both at once), which allow him to markedly improve the appearance of the neck.

The first procedure, called a submentoplasty, is performed through a small, discreet incision under the chin. Through this, the neck tissues are elevated, fat is removed, and the muscles responsible for the unsightly bands in the middle of the neck are tightened. This is often done in combination with a submental liposuction (liposuction of the neck-see Facial Liposuction) and sometimes includes a chin implant.

The second procedure, which we usually call a Neck Lift, is performed through incisions made behind the ears and around the ear lobes. This allows Dr. Gantous to elevate the neck skin in order to trim fat and to tighten the platysma muscle (the band of muscle that connects the collar bone to the side of the chin) under the skin. This results in a tremendous improvement of the sagging soft tissues in the neck.

Both of these procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia, twilight anaesthesia, or under general anaesthesia depending on what specifically is being done and patient preference. They each take one to three hours to perform and patients are usually able to go home the same day. A light bandage must be worn overnight and the stitches come out five or six days later. There is usually some mild to moderate swelling as well as bruising for about one week.


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