Ear Surgery and Earlobe Repair

Prominent Ears, Big And Droopy Earlobes?

An otoplasty is an operation that addresses the shape and or size of the ears. About five percent of the population have prominent ears and this can lead to self-consciousness and embarrassment in many cases. This problem can be easily taken care of with an otoplasty.

The ear is given a new and more normal shape by recreating the folds and grooves that are missing. There are various methods of performing this operation. In some, the cartilage that forms the ear is cut or weakened in order to bend and shape it. More commonly, stitches are used to bend the cartilage into the desired shape. More recently, an incisionless technique has been devised to create these changes without having to cut the skin in the back of the ear. When the ear lobes are too large and sagging (a change that invariably occurs with age), we can improve them easily with an ear lobe reduction. The lobes are trimmed and reshaped, hiding the scars nicely within the normal creases around the ear. Torn earlobes from long use of heavy earrings can also be corrected and made stronger surgically.

Otoplasty will correct the specific parts of the ear that are causing it to look different. The incisionless technique offers a very quick recovery with little bruising and swelling in most cases, allowing patients to resume normal activities within a day or two. A natural looking ear is the goal and usually very easily achieved. Lobe reductions and repairs heal within a week and restore cosmesis and function to the lower part of the ear.

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