Revision Rhinoplasty

Think You May Require A Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty are the terms used for the operation that attempts to correct problems that remain or were caused by a previous nose operation. Patients turn to this process if they are unsatisfied with their original operation or just want further improvement or refinement of their nose.

The principles of revision rhinoplasty are very much the same as those in primary rhinoplasty (nose job). To effectively devise a safe plan that satisfies the patient to the greatest degree possible, it is important to understand the patient’s aesthetic and functional goals in relation to nasal balance and function, as well as properly assess the deformities of cartilage and bone, nose support and nasal reshaping needs and possibilities.

In practice, secondary rhinoplasty is much more difficult. The nasal septum, which is the prime building material for nasal surgery, has often been partially or completely removed. The cartilage and bone that create nasal shape have already been altered and are scarred or deformed and the skin has become thicker and less pliable. The airway is often significantly impaired.

Most importantly, because the patient has already gone through one or more prior disappointing experiences, spent money for operations that didn’t achieve what he or she wanted (or has made them worse), and now needs to start all over again, the patient and surgeon must build trust that stems from clearly-defined, realistic goals and expectations.

How A Revision Rhinoplasty Is Performed

Often there are several possible surgical solutions, each with a different outcome and some which are more complicated than others. In Canada, Dr. Gantous has pioneered and developed the process using rib cartilage for the reconstruction and improvement of noses.

Few surgeons master this procedure because of its complexity and unpredictability. Dr. Gantous’ thorough understanding of the nasal anatomy and physiology, and his ability to expertly apply a wide range of surgical techniques, has made him a leader in this field.

Revision Rhinoplasty Before & Afters

before revision rhinoplasty front view
after revision rhinoplasty front view
before revision rhinoplasty right profile
after revision rhinoplasty right oblique angle view

Why Choose Dr. Gantous

Dr. Gantous is well known for his ability to take on difficult reconstructive cases where the nose has been damaged by previous surgery, trauma or disease. He has published several scholarly papers on this subject and takes pride in helping the patient overcome these obstacles.

A lot of people undergo primary rhinoplasty in order to correct superficial deformities in their nose and to improve their physical appearance, which in turn can help to boost their self-esteem. Unfortunately in some cases, follow-up medical treatments or operations are required to correct issues that might arise after or be a direct result of a poorly executed primary rhinoplasty procedure. Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is the solution to this problem and it’s become one of the most common types of facial plastic surgery performed in Canada.

If you’ve found yourself the victim of a botched nose job, then it might be time to start looking for a new rhinoplasty surgeon in the GTA. Dr. Andres Gantous is one of the leading revision rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto and throughout Canada.