Undergoing any type of plastic surgery in Canada can be a life-changing decision, which is why it’s not something that should be taken too lightly. Once you’ve taken the time to conduct careful research, consult with a prominent otoplasty surgeon in Toronto, and make sure that you completely understand all of your options and the stipulations involved. In most cases, otoplasty can have an extremely positive impact on your life by correcting the look of misshapen ears and in turn increasing your overall self-confidence. If you’re considering undergoing an otoplasty procedure in Toronto to improve the look of your ears for the upcoming year, then continue reading to find out everything you need to know!

What Can You Expect from an Otoplasty Procedure?

The point of otoplasty is to alter and improve your appearance in a way that makes you feel good about yourself without trying to make you look like someone else. What you can expect from an ear lobe surgery in Toronto is to have your naturally protruding ears to be slightly reshaped and pinned back so that they stick out less. You should also try to keep in mind that your results won’t necessarily be immediate; in fact, you most likely won’t see the true shape of your new ears until about a year after the surgery.

Remodelling Your Ears

Traditionally, the procedure would involve the plastic surgeon making multiple tiny permanent incisions right behind the ear lobes, where they could easily be hidden from plain view. More recently, however, facial plastic surgeons have found a new, innovative, and less invasive method of reshaping their patients’ ears known asincisionless otoplasty. In the GTA, incisionless otoplasty is continually growing in popularity as more and more people choose this option over the former. The benefits of this technique in comparison to the traditional open otoplasty are:

  • It’s less invasive and virtually painless
  • The patient has the option of going under local anesthesia
  • There are virtually no scars
  • The surgeon doesn’t have to make any cuts in front of or behind the ear lobes
  • Quicker recovery time with fewer chances of complications

When performing an incisionless otoplasty, the plastic surgeon reshapes the cartilage of the ear from being the ear lobe through the use of permanent stitches or sutures. Once the ears are reformed to the desired shape and placement, the surgeon will then score the cartilage with a needle. This operation lasts about 15-20 minutes and patients are usually able to drive home after about 10 minutes of supervision.

Post-Operative Instructions and Recovery Period

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a detailed list of post-operative instructions that’ll outline the pain medications you should take and how often you can take them; when you can wash your hair again; and any other pertinent information that will facilitate your healing process. The recovery period is relatively short. Most people can return to work within a week or two; however, you may be advised to refrain from strenuous physical activities and contact sports for at least four to six weeks or more. You’ll also be asked to come in for follow-up appointments during this time.

If you’re considering improving your appearance before the start of the New Year by getting otoplasty, contact Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Andres Gantous. As one of the best otoplasty surgeons in Toronto, he’s performed hundreds of ear lobe surgeries and has over 20 years of experience in the field.