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Dr. Gantous now offers the unique Crisalix 3D simulations for facial aesthetics to finally answer the question every patient asks: “How could I look after the procedure?”

Anyone interested in facial aesthetics can see what their new face or body could look like, before actually going for the procedure by arranging for a consultation with Dr. Gantous in Toronto.

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Preview Results: Crisalix 3D simulations worth a thousand words

Any decision to modify one’s physical appearance cannot be taken lightly and it is only normal for a patient to want to see the final result before the procedure. To date patients were not provided with a response to this all-important concern. However, by combining advanced medical research and state-of-the-art information technology it is now possible to offer this to patients in an effort to optimize the level of care and treatment they deserve.

Crisalix is the world’s first web-based 3D simulator using three standard 2D photos for aesthetic procedures, which recreates in 3D the patient’s face or body to further enable accurate pre-visualizations of the final result. For the first time in the history of aesthetics, a patient can see her new face or body in 3D, as opposed to imagining the result using traditional methods, such as photos of other patients that do not represent the patient’s own anatomy.

This breakthrough technology, now offered by Dr. Gantous, increases patient education, understanding and interaction, to further optimize post-procedure satisfaction.

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Crisalix technology recommended by IPRAS

IPRAS, the leading international federation for Plastic Surgery, recommends Crisalix for the significant progress its 3D simulation technology brings to the entire medical community, along with its contribution to patient education and a more informed decision-making process. Patients using Crisalix have demonstrated much higher levels of satisfaction, corresponding directly to IPRAS’ objectives in improving the care and treatment of every patient seeking plastic surgery.