Facial fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the patient’s own fat to help increase volume in the face, restoring a youthful look. The process includes micro-droplets of fat being injected into specific parts of the face that are lacking in facial volume.

The most difficult area for facial fat grafting is the tear trough area, because the proper amount of fat must be injected to produce the most natural-looking results. This area requires very small amounts of fat to be injected at a time.

Dr. Andres Gantous is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who understands how to achieve facial symmetry with his injections. He prides himself on producing incredibly natural results that help to restore a younger appearance.

Fat cells are generally harvested from areas of the body where fat is in abundance and of high quality. Some of the benefits of using fat are that it virtually eliminates the potential for allergic reactions and tends to be more permanent than other injectables.

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