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Facial Implants Toronto

Our Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon Offers Facial Implants to Sculpt Your Desired Look

Enhancing the chin, cheeks and jawline can provide a more defined and attractive appearance. Facial implants offer us a simple surgical solution that allows us to add balance and definition to underdeveloped facial features. Facial implants are available to augment the cheeks, chin and jaw. These implants are made of a variety of different materials that are well tolerated by the body and cause no harm. Though facial implant surgery may require only local anesthetic, more often, general anesthesia is recommended.

In most cases implant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis though an overnight stay may be necessary if other procedures are performed at the same time. For more information on facial implants, click here.

Chin Implants (Mentoplasty)

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Dr. Gantous may recommend chin augmentation surgery in addition to nasal surgery when it is clear that a chin implant will add to your facial balance and harmony.

Frequently, for instance, a chin implant will be used together with rhinoplasty in a teenage patient whose face lacks the right proportion.

Chin implant surgery takes about an hour. During surgery, the implant (which is pre-selected according to size and shape) is inserted into a pocket that Dr. Gantous creates on the bone.

Incisions can be made inside the mouth or in a crease under the chin. The chin may be taped after surgery to minimize swelling and sutures will remain for five to seven days. If an intra-oral incision is used, dissolving sutures will be used.

Swelling and bruising may be visible around the chin and neck for about a week. During that time, you will experience some difficulty smiling and talking. Our office will give you instructions about dental hygiene and eating after surgery.

For more information on chin implants (mentoplasty), click here.

Lower-jaw surgery

Jaw implants are placed directly on the jawbone to create a stronger, squarer, more defined jawline.

Insertion of jaw implants takes one to two hours. Incisions are made inside the lower lip and a pocket is created into which the jaw implant is inserted. Dissolving sutures are used.

After your surgery, movement of your mouth and lips may be limited and you will have dietary restrictions.

Swelling can be significant following jaw implant surgery. While most swelling will subside in the first week, you may experience mild swelling over several months. Problems rarely occur after facial implant surgery, but you need to be informed about such possibilities. Implants sometimes shift slightly out of position necessitating a second surgery.

If infection happens and does not respond to antibiotics, the implant might have to be temporarily removed and replaced in another surgery. Dr. Gantous will discuss the risks associated with the implant surgery during your consultation.


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