Many people are sensitive about their appearances, particularly the shape and size of their ears. Oftentimes, children are teased or bullied in school because of abnormalities in the development of their ears and the insecurities they develop over time can follow them into adulthood. Some people are also prone to developing ear abnormalities long after they’ve exited their formative years. Infected ear piercings, congenital disorders, and deformities caused by accidents are all examples of potential abnormalities that can be corrected with earlobe repair surgery. Keep reading to learn more!

Fixing Torn or Split Earlobes

Earlobe reconstruction is a surgical procedure that addresses various types of stretched earlobe repair needs. Torn or split earlobes are typically the result of suffering an injury, self-inflicted piercings, or complications that are directly related to getting a piercing from an unlicensed individual. If you’re considering getting your earlobes pierced or stretched, it’s highly recommended that you always do ample research beforehand. Ask to see evidence of the piercer’s previous work and read through client testimonials to give you much-needed peace of mind that the shop you’re going to is sanitary and in compliance with health and safety codes.

Gauged or Stretched Earlobe Repair

Gauged or stretched earlobes might have been all the rage when you were much younger, but the older you get the less socially acceptable and appropriate this look becomes, especially in the workplace. Despite the fact that a lot of modern industries are now more open to the concept of having wacky piercings, a lot of businesses still view it as unprofessional and if you want to be function as a well-adjusted adult in society, it might be time to get rid of the spacers.

Thankfully, earlobe repair surgery is virtually fast and painless. It can be completed in less than an hour and only a small amount of local anesthesia is required depending on your tolerance for minor discomfort. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will try to retain as much natural tissue as possible to minimize the chances of scarring.

They usually level off the excess tissue in a “Z” shape from the back of the ear. That keeps a maximum amount of the cartilage intact and places the small resulting scar behind the ear where it will remain invisible.

Repairing Earlobe Abnormalities

The standard recommended age for undergoing earlobe repair surgery, also known as otoplasty or ear pinning, to correct congenital birth defects is five. While it may be shocking to start at such a young age, this is actually preferable because children’s ears are much more malleable than adults and therefore a lot easier to reshape.

If you or your child are suffering the repercussions of having misshapen earlobes for one reason or another, then we urge you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gantous at the Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery clinic. He has a wealth of expertise and many years of experience working in the fascinating field of facial plastic surgery and he can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted for your ears by creating perfect facial symmetry. Book your appointment now!