For a lot of people between the ages of 30 and 60, neck lift cosmetic surgery has numerous benefits. Unless you are fortunate enough to have impeccable genes from the get-go, your skin will inevitably begin to sag, loosen, and develop wrinkles as you age. This is a sad reality that a lot of people have to live with and it’s especially noticeable in the neck and chin area. There’s a variety of loose neck lift treatments that help to remove chin fat and wrinkles in order to rejuvenate the skin below the chin. But before patients undergo neck lift cosmetic surgery, however, they should do their research. It’s important to set goals for yourself and communicate what you hope to achieve with your surgeon well in advance.

What Is Neck Lift Surgery?

There are two different types of neck lift surgery: cervicoplasty and plastymaplasty. Both can be combined with other forms of facial reconstructive procedures such as facelifts, brow lifts, rhinoplasty, etc. Whether you need cervicoplasty or plastymaplasty depends largely on what you’re trying to accomplish as well as your budget and your overall physical health pre-surgery.

The main goal of cervicoplasty is to extract and remove excess skin and fat from within the chin and neck. Plastymaplasty, on the other hand, is performed with the objective of tightening loose skin and neck muscles to make them look firmer. Regardless of which procedure you opt for—or even if you have both done—the result is usually the same: younger looking and tighter skin.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery?

Ideal candidates for neck fat or double chin removal should be between the ages of 30 and 60 years old and they should be non-smokers or, at the very least, they should temporarily quit smoking throughout the procedural and recovery timeframe. You should also refrain from taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs throughout the entire process as they can severely hinder the healing progress. Your surgeon will have to test the elasticity of your skin to ensure that it’s still pliable enough to endure the great deal of stretching and prodding that’ll take place throughout the procedure.

Patients seeking this type of plastic surgery should also have entirely realistic expectations for their results with an understanding that the procedure isn’t without limitations and that there’s no such thing as perfection. Neck lift cosmetic surgery can, however, be used to fix turkey neck, jowls, skin damaged by natural elements, and multi-layered chins, as well as remove excess neck fat or skin.

Neck Lift Surgical Procedure

For the most part, neck lift surgical procedures are quite simple and typically last about one to three hours. Surgeons typically make small and discreet incisions behind the ears and sometimes, beneath the chin, if need be. If fat deposits need to be removed, then the surgeon will do so using a liposuction cannula. Once the excess fat is removed, the surgeon will then carve a naturally-looking contour into the chin and cheek area to create more definition in the jaw line. Under the recommendation of their physician, patients have the choice between using general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

What Is the Recovery Time for Neck Lift Surgery?

The recovery time for neck lift surgery depends mostly on the patient’s physical ability to recuperate following trauma as well as the extent of the surgery. In most cases, a minimum of four to five days of rest is required. During this time, the patient may be bedridden and will need to make arrangements to have someone take care of them and assist with minor household tasks. It’s advised that patients invest in easily removable clothing that either zips or buttons up in the front to avoid interfering with the healing process.

Post-surgery side effects include tightness in the neck and chin area that could last for several months. There’ll also be some minor visible bruising and inflammation in the beginning, but that usually subsides by the end of the first week. It can take approximately a full two weeks to make a complete recovery. In order to avoid permanent or noticeable neck lift scars, it’s important to thoroughly research, interview, and consult with your surgeon. They should be able to provide specific and detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a successful recovery period.

What Should You Expect After Neck Lift Surgery?

As mentioned, you should always go into any cosmetic surgery with 100 percent realistic expectations. This means that you should be aware that there’s no instant gratification from cosmetic surgery and you will have to wait approximately six months to one full year before you start to notice any changes. In this case, patience will be one of your greatest virtues and you must learn to practice it unsparingly. So, if you’re unhappy with the immediate results, continue consulting your physician and they should be able to provide an accurate timeline of when you’ll see more realistic results.

How Can Neck Lift Surgery Change Your Life?

Most people experience generally positive results with younger looking skin and the illusion that they’ve lost weight, even if they haven’t. This can have an exponentially good and long-lasting impact on a person’s self esteem, which ultimately makes the whole experience worthwhile. The cost of having a neck lift done depends on the type of procedure and how long it takes. That’s something you’ll have to discuss with your surgeon during the initial consultation.

Is an aging neck keeping you from living your life the way you see fit? Then it might be time to consider getting neck lift cosmetic surgery at Toronto Facial Plastic Surgery. Our lead surgeon, Dr. Andres Gantous, MD, FRCS(C) has been performing various facial reconstructive surgeries including neck lifts, brow lifts, rhinoplasty, and so much more for over 20 years and he’s helped hundreds of patients regain their confidence in their physical appearances. To schedule a consultation and learn more about our clinic, please contact us.

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